Results of Our Work

At VOI, we do a quarterly analysis of how we impact the lives of our patients. In this regard, we’ve compiled a list of daily living skills we believe are the most essential ones for independence and safety. We also developed a scale to assess our impact.  

As part of our discharge summary, we conduct an assessment at our initial evaluation. Finally, we do a pre and post-work score analysis. The analysis below are the results from the last three months of our work.

While we want to be very careful not to suggest that the results are statistically valid, they certainly suggest broad and very positive trends.

Daily living task Percent Improvement
Perform task reading for recipes, addresses and phone numbers and medication 34.5%
Prepare a meal or a snack 29.3%
Tell time  25.7%
Having the ability to dial 911 or call an emergency contact 24.0%
Manage schedule/appointments 23.6%
Safely navigate around home and fall prevention 22.4%
Eat and drink neatly 17.8%
Groom self - wash face, brush teeth, comb hair 15.8%
Bathroom safety 15.6%
Medication management 12.9%

Quotes From Our Previous Patients

“Helen’s work made my mother’s life much better. She feels better about herself.”

Priscilla A’s daughter 

“Marianne’s work has helped me better accept my vision loss. I used to get upset and depressed about not being able to do things.”

 Rosemarie C’s daughter

“Donna’s work has made me much happier. I used to cry about my situation but now I give thanks every day for the help she gave me.” 

Elizabeth B. 

“Joanne’s work gave me my life back.”

Rita R. 

“My father is more aware of what he can do.”

Libero R’s daughter 

“I am now feeling much better about being able to do things that I could not do before.”

Blanche M.

“Work has reduced my frustration with my vision loss.”

Arlene O. 

“I could not believe how all the little things that Donna taught me so much improved my life. I feel so good about the things I now can do.”

Sharon L.’s daughter

“Work made it easier for me to do the things I wanted to do.”

Howard L.’s daughter

“Worked hard to enable my mother to do more by herself.” 

Rhonda S.

‘Working with Pat, makes me feel like I have more control over my life and has increased my confidence.”

Joan B’s son

“Work taught me to develop strategies to help myself rather than have problems.” 

Donald M. 

“I now have more hope knowing that there are ways to increase my independence.”

Irene N.