Watching television shows and movies

We watch television both for entertainment and news. Television is part of our culture. People often discuss their favorite shows with family and friends. Not being able to see television can isolate someone from the people around them.

It is a common misconception that someone who has low vision would see larger television screens better. The truth is the opposite. Low vision patients actually have an easier time watching something when they sit closer to a smaller screen. We have found that notebook computers (like an iPad) are ideal for viewing. Patients can comfortably hold them closer which allows much better viewing. This works out better than sitting a foot away from a small television.

There are many viewing options. Movies and shows can easily be viewed using streaming platforms, cable television and the Public Broadcast System Passport Program. All the shows available on televisions are also available on notebook computers.

Watching television is important. Notebook computers can make doing it much easier.

Thank you to Patricia Shea, one of our occupational therapists for this article.