The Jitterbug phone

An increasing number of low vision patients want to use cell phones. After all, they had been using cell phones for years before they developed a vision problem. Yet, cell phones are a real problem for low vision patients. They are designed to be compact so the screens are small and the key pad is tiny. Icons on the screen are small and very hard for low vision patients to identify. 

It is doubtful that low vision patients would know about special adapted phones. Fortunately, there is a phone on the market that is larger and easier for low vision patients to use, "The Jitterbug." The Jitterbug flip phone has large buttons, bright easy to read screens and adjustable volume. We sometimes mark the number "5" on the keypad with a raised dot to help patients dial. The Jitterbug smartphone has a big screen with large icons. Jitterbug phones are available on virtually every cell phone network. 

Having an accessible cell phone that low vision patients can use just makes sense in today’s world. Jitterbug phones answers that need.