The Descriptive Video Program

Audio described videos are available to borrow from regional libraries for free. The described videos provide narration of a program's key visual elements, such as characters' actions, costuming, gestures and facial expressions. It may say something like "John is now walking across the room and getting a gun from the drawer." These descriptions are heard during the natural pauses in dialogue. The result is a finished soundtrack that enables visually impaired viewers to fully understand the film through listening.

While it is not quite the same as simply watching a movie, it makes film viewing a much better experience. Movie watching is very much a social experience. It is common for families to sit together to watch a movie. With descriptive video, a person who is visually impaired can participate in the post-movie discussion along with everyone else. He or she no longer feels isolated from the shared family experience. Ultimately, being a full participant makes someone feel better about themselves and reduces the stigma that they often feel.