Talking watches

A great and inexpensive tool for low vision patients is talking watches. They are simple to operate and reduce a lot of frustration. Low vision patients often waste too much time trying to read their old watches which leads to frustration.

Talking watches range from $12.00 - $60.00. The inexpensive ones are plain looking with a digital display. More expensive watches have larger faces are black or white. Those watches can be quite attractive. We recommend watches that have black facing and white hands. This contrasting combination is easier to see for most low vision patients. Most of these watches come with English or Spanish voices. We do know of a brand that has different model watches that can tell time in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese or Italian. While they are very simple looking, the price of this line of watches is less than $12.00. All the talking watches are easy to operate. They can be set to announce the time on the hour or with a push of a button. All of them have an alarm that can be set.

It is impressive how helpful and affordable these watches are. More importantly, we believe, that they offer dignity and independence to low vision patients. Once someone has one of these watches, they no longer have to wonder what time it is or bother those around them continuously to ask for the time. Twelve dollars is a small price to give someone to improve self-esteem.