Taking showers with safety

Taking a shower is one of the most common yet potentially dangerous activities for low vision patients. The  possibility of a fall is significant . We have a number of recommendations that can substantially increase safety. Marking the step into the shower stall with contrasting tape makes it much easier to see. Patients should also use a non-skid shower mat that is a color contrast with the shower floor. Installing a grab bar on the shower wall makes getting in and out of the shower safer. Another big help is having good lighting in the shower area. Getting additional lighting there has some cost but is well worth the investment if it prevents just one fall. Shower stools offer patients a great deal of stability. They can sit and if they have a hand held shower wand, they can shower with a great deal of confidence. We also each our patients to always turn on the cold water first and then add the hot water to prevent possible burns.

It is helpful to make things easier when taking a shower. Face cloths should be brightly colored to make them easier to see. Consider also using a shower caddy to keep all the soap and shampoo in one place. Lastly, soaps and shampoos in pump dispensers prevents spills.