The key to successful shaving is to use the other hand’s fingers for landmarking and feeling which area of the face has been shaved. First, as is usual, apply a liberal coat of shaving cream. We suggest using the point of the ear as a starting point from one side of the face to the other. The other hand’s finger tips can easily feel if an area of the face needs more shaving cream. Again, using the tip of the ear as the starting point, slide the razor down in overlapping strokes. When one side of the face is done, we suggest sliding the razor 90-degrees from the original lines to ensure a really close shave. The alternate hand can check to see if there is any shaving cream left anywhere on the face for a shaving touch up. These steps are repeated on the other side of the face and along the neck. It really becomes easy after a few times of shaving. 

There are magnifying mirrors which can make things easier. One style is a five time magnification mirror for only $30. The same mirror comes lit for $89. If a patient has real difficulty shaving, we suggest that he try using an electric shaver. Some men say that it is not the same feel as using a safety razor but they still use it to feel more confident. The same technique of overlapping strokes works for electric razors. Finger tips can feel any missed spots.

We believe that when a patient believes he is well groomed, he feels more confident and has increased self-esteem.