Playing cards

Playing cards is a great recreational and social activity. However, once someone has lost some vision, he or she often gives up playing. It is regrettable because there are a number of ways low vision patients could play cards with friends again. The cards pictured above are large print and only cost $4.25. They come in several different styles. We, of course, would also recommend that the patient also have good lighting where they are playing cards. A tall goose neck lamp would make the cards much easier to see. Sometimes, tall lamps are impractical. Another way to add light is to use a small flashlight. The flashlight can be aimed directly on the playing cards. Finally, most patients still had some usable peripheral vision. We taught them to identify his best viewing spot and use that “sweet spot” when looking at his cards.

In the end, we are very pleased to tell you that our patient is playing cards again with his wife. More importantly, they are able to spend time together again doing something they enjoy.