Organizing refrigerators and freezers helps people who have lost vision

One of the most frustrating things about losing some vision is identifying food items in refrigerators and freezers. Packaged food can all feel and look the same. The key to make things easier is having refrigerators and freezers very organized. Common food items be always have to be located in the same location. For example, milk might be on the right side of the top shelf and juice on the left side of the top shelf. Each refrigerator shelf should be reserved for certain items even if there are not enough items to fill the shelf. One system might have meat go on the second shelf and dairy items on the third shelf. 

Freezers should be divided into specific sections. For a freezer with one shelf, the top right might be reserved for meat, the top left for vegetables, the bottom right for frozen baked goods and the bottom left might be for ice cream.

Each person should come up with their own specific organizing plan and then stick with it. Space can be reallocated depending on changing needs as long as the basic organizing system stays in place.

Searching for a specific food item can really be challenging for people who have sight. Having a location system makes things much easier for someone who has lost some vision.