Organizing mail

Dealing with mail is absolutely one of the most significant challenges that low vision patients face.  The challenge is two-fold. Obviously reading mail is nearly impossible for many patients. Beyond that, there is the challenge of determining what is important mail versus unwanted advertisements. The very worst thing to do is to simply make piles. Piles are confusing and ultimately will fall. A strategy that enables patients to sort the mail into different categories is essential.

We recommend a file folder with pockets. Each pocket can be marked with large print brightly colored labels. Examples of sections are; bills, medical, personal, financial, advertisements and mail that needs immediate attention. Any mail that is unknown should be placed in a box and not in a stack. The reason for the sorting is to make the mail easier to read at some later point. Maybe the patient will be able to read his/her mail when taken to a location with better lighting. If a patient cannot read the mail then it can be held until someone can come by to help do the reading. Rather than dealing with an avalanche of mail, the person will be able to read the mail one category at a time.

Unfortunately, mail will still be a challenge for the low vision patient. However, with organization, the task will be made much easier.