New resource to help patients order groceries

Many patients need help to buy and get groceries home. They really do not want to bother their families. We are excited to share a resource that we just discovered, Telegrocers. This is a great program that lets people call in with their grocery orders. It is perfect for people who cannot use a computer to order online. Locally, Telegrocers works with Stop and Shop’s Peapod grocery delivery program. There is a charge to use Telegrocers and another charge from Peapod to get grocery orders delivered. For example, a $100 food order would cost an additional $18 in total to use both services. That fee compares quite well to the cost of a taxi and the significantly additional time that low vision patients have to spend shopping in grocery stores..

The phone number to reach Telegrocers is: 888-902-7467

Telegrocers is wonderful resource for low vision patients. Yes, there is a cost but, we believe, that the price of a patient losing his/her independence and dignity is MUCH higher.