Low vision support groups can be very helpful

One of the best resources for low vision patients is local low vision support groups. These groups typically meet monthly at local senior centers. While all senior centers do not have low vision support groups, those that do welcome people from adjoining communities.

Local support group have leaders who are trained to run group discussions. The support groups provide two important services. First, they are a wonderful place where low vision patients can learn the latest information about new available services and products. Perhaps an even more important role of support groups is to allow participants to share tips and stories with each other. When a group member is struggling emotionally, other group members can offer support. 

Vision loss often leads to isolation because most low vision patients no longer drive. They then depend on others for rides which can be very difficult. Transportation is often provided to enable low vision patients to attend local support groups. Once they get to the group, most low vision patients make new friends. This socialization is very important because it reduces the likelihood of depression due to isolation.

We believe that local support groups is a very important resource for low vision patients. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know where the nearest low vision support group might be.