Keeping track of appointments

Keeping track of appointments can be very difficult for people who have lost vision.  Many of our patients have told us that they have missed appointments because they could not read what they wrote on their calendars. Regular calendars leave little space to write in information. Fortunately, there are large print calendars that provides much more room to write it appointments that can be easier for someone who has lost vision to see. These calendars are relatively inexpensive, costing less than $12.00.  We teach patients to color code their appointments. For example; blue lettering for doctors' appointments, red for family events and green for plans with friends. 

Another approach is to assemble a loose leaf binder with each page representing a day. Any appointments can be written in with plenty space on each sheet to make notes. As usual, we would recommend a bold felt tip pen for writing and to use yellow paper in the binder. The yellow paper offers great contrast with black felt tip letters

We believe that the issue is really bigger than simply not missing appointments. When patients can have an easier time managing their schedules, they get increased control of their lives.