How to make plugging in electrical appliances easier

We put some effort into making our homes as pretty as possible. One of the things that is commonly done is to make sure that our wall plates are the same color as our electrical outlets. The problem is what works for home decor does not work for people who have low vision. The outlets blend right in with the covering plate. In addition, the outlet holes are hard to locate because they are so small. Making things stand out is one of our most important strategies and we do that by increasing contrast. Using nail polish with a contrasting color to the color of the cover plate can be very helpful. A ribbon of nail polish is applied to surround the outlet. This effectively makes a "target" that makes it much easier to see where the electrical plug should be inserted. No need to feel around with fingers. Simply aim the plug into the brightly covered circle and the device is plugged in. 

No one needs the frustration of trying to find the outlet holes. Using contrast makes things much easier.