Food preparation

Cutting up fruit, vegetables and meat is a crucial component in cooking. If someone is unable to prepare food items for cooking, then they have no choice but to start buying less healthy and more expensive prepared foods. The key for low vision patients is to use alternative strategies to cut up food items. Perhaps the easiest and effective solution is to use better lighting on kitchen counters. A simple twenty dollar desk lamp works very well. The light can be directed exactly where the person wants. After using improved lighting, we recommend using better contrast. We know of a cutting board that is white on one side and black on the other side ($24). Onions get cut on the black side while tomatoes get cut on the white side. There are also built up handles for cutting knives to make them easier to use for people with dexterity challenges. Finally, though there is some additional cost, it is possible to buy cut up vegetables that can be used for cooking. 

Using simple adaptations could enable someone to make stew again. Making the stew is great but enabling low vision patients to resume their normal activities is really what is important. Doing so, will increase their confidence and self-esteem.