Creating personal phone books

Patients try to use their old personal phone books. The only problem is that their old phone books were written when they had good vision. Typically, the writing is cursive, small and using a ball point ink pen. This combination makes reading the numbers very difficult for low vision patients. We help patients develop specially designed personal phone books. Our phone books are printed on yellow paper in twenty point, bold type if the patient has access to a computer. If they don't, we recommend that they use a medium point, felt tip pen to print out their numbers. We urge them to write large and use 8.5x11 in. paper . The final step is to punch holes into the sheets and insert them into a three ring binder with alphabet section separators.

Can you imagine having to wait for your friends to call? With just these simple steps, low vision patients break through their isolation and can stay in touch with friends and family.