Compact video magnifiers

Technology to help low vision patients keeps progressing. There now are compact electronic devices that can offer different levels of magnification, change color of text and add contrast. They can be operated using standard electrical cords or batteries. Magnification can be increased from 2 to 14 times. They also include their own light sources. Companies generally offer two size models. 

7” Diagonal Screen

· 5”x 8”, built in stand that allows writing under it, full color, $1,195

4” Diagonal Screen

· 3” x 5”, can be handheld or mounted on a reading stand, flip out handle, $545

Either of these devices can be a very useful tools which can make reading and seeing objects (medication vials) easier. These smaller devices are substantially cheaper than the large table top models and are portable. They do need some instruction in their use and tips to use them even more effectively. We are happy to help patients with their new devices. Though Visions of Independence does not sell these video magnifiers, we help patients contact the companies that sell them.