Check writing strategies

There are a number of steps in writing out checks; seeing the parts of the check and then writing out the information on the check. Virtually every bank can order large print checks at a small additional charge. These checks often come printed on yellow paper which offers better contrast. The lines for writing are printed in black and are bold. 

Next, comes writing out the check. The location where the checks will be written should have room for a desk lamp. The lamp gives direct light that can be aimed at the check. Checks should be written using a fine point marker pen. The pen makes it easier for the patient to see what was just written. Magnifiers can also be helpful if they are used properly. Some patients prefer to use a plastic check writing guide ($5.95). These writing guides clearly indicate where things should be written on the check, including a signature line. Once a check has been written, patients need a large print check register. These registers can be bought or made using a computer.