Applying eyebrow makeup

Patients with visual deficits have difficulty applying makeup. One patient wanted to do her eyebrows. This was a priority for her. She had the added problem of decreased feeling in her fingers. 

Eyebrow stencils are readily available through various merchants. Amazon has many choices starting at $6.50. They are reliable, easy to use, reusable and washable. The stencils come in many shapes/arches and are made of plastic so the they do not fold or get broken. 

The stencil kit comes with a brush or stamp and several colors to use first to define the brow. An eyebrow pencil, included, then can be used to finish the brow. Have the patient choose a neutral color and hold a sharpened pencil near the point for controlled application. Make short strokes starting at the inner corner of the brow. Use the brush to blend and soften the color. 

Thank you to Patricia Love, one of our occupational therapists, for this lesson.