Addressing envelopes

Paying bills is part of life. For low vision patients however, paying bills can be a real challenge. The simplest solution, when the patient is capable, is to set up bill paying from the patient's bank account. However, this means that the patient has to have enough vision and technological ability to access and use their computer to do this.

Most of our patients cannot use their computers for bill paying so we teach them simpler strategies. Bill paying really has two steps; writing out a check and then addressing an envelope. Large print, high contrast checks are easy to order. Another approach is to use a template that fits over checks that has cutouts where the date, amount and signatures can be written ($1.49). There also are templates for envelopes ($2.95). This one has cutouts for return and sending addresses. Of course we teach our patients to use a good desk lamp to make the work they are doing easier to see.