Helpful Hints

Pouring a cup of coffee or tea

Having a cup of coffee is big part of American life.  When someone can't pour a simple cup of coffee their self-esteem is severely damaged.  Tragically, most people do not know that some simple steps makes pouring coffee much easier.  Placing the coffee cup on a contrasting surface makes it easier to see.  A dark colored place mat makes a white coffee cup really stand out.  Placing the pouring spout of the coffee pot right on the lip of the cup eliminates any pouring distance thereby reducing the risk of a spill.  Lastly, a simple device makes it easier to tell when you have filled the coffee cup.  A liquid level indicator ($7.95) emits an audible tone when the liquid in the cup approaches the top.  One model even plays Yankee Doodle.  


A picture of pouring from a kettle into a cup.