Helpful Hints

General Tips

· Information on programs from phone companies for people who have disabilities

· Dealing with glare

· Safe travel technique

· Going down stairs with more safety

· Reading wrist watches

· Talking wrist watches

· Telephone dialers

· Using peripheral vision

· Using low vision spectacles with more success

· Going to restaurants

· Grocery shopping

· Program to help order groceries

· Making voting accessible

· How Eccentric Viewing helps

· Using magnifiers successfully

· How bump dots help patients use appliance controls

· Using voice recording

Household Tips

· Making using keys easier

· Plugging in electrical  appliances

· Making appliances easier to use

· Help in opening mailboxes

· Controlling thermostats

· Doing laundry

Money and finances

· Check writing strategies

· Large print check registers

· Identifying money

· Tax tips for people who have low vision

· New currency reader

· Using credit cards

How lighting helps

· How good lighting helps

· More tips on lighting

· Using night lights to make getting around safer

· Using penlights

Reading and writing

· Reading bills

· Making writing easier to read

· Reading handwritten notes

· Scanning techniques

· Using smartphones to read text

· Adding contrast to text

· Signing names

· Addressing envelopes

· Using a blocking technique to make reading easier

Personal Care

· Brushing teeth

· Taking showers with safety

· More showering tips

· Shaving

· Applying makeup

· Applying eyebrow makeup

· Hearing aids and low vision

· Taking baths with safety


· The Talking Book Program

· More on the Talking Book Program

· Keeping up with the news and low vision

· Accessing books and Magazines

· Audio described videos

· Descriptive Narration for movies

· Playing cards

· Watching television

· Watching television using notebook computers

· Using tv remote controls

· Doing jigsaw puzzles

· Teaching someone to do latch hooking

· Sewing

· Doing woodworking

· Reading and playing music

· Taking up painting again

· Large print puzzles

· Doing needlepoint

· Large print Bibles

· Reading using a magnifier

· Doing gardening again

· Large print bingo cards

Health and Safety

· Accessing emergency services

· Managing medications

· Talking medication vials

· Taking eye drops

· Taking liquid medications

· Taking pills

· Talking blood glucose monitors

· Balance challenges and low vision

· More on balance challenges

· Using oxygen

· Protective technique for travel and low vision

· Prepackaged medications

· Accessible Pharmacy

Facts about low vision

· Low vision and depression

· Strokes and vision loss

· Dual sensory loss

· Macular degeneration

· Mobility and glaucoma

Eating and Cooking

· Pouring a cup of coffee or tea

· Brewing coffee

· A safe way to make coffee or tea

· Microwave cooking

· Cutting meat

· Cutting other food

· Tips to make eating easier

· Eating with arthritis and low vision

· Moving food  from the counter to the table

· Cooking frozen dinners

· Food preparation

· Making reading recipes easier and low vision

· Making stovetop cooking safer

· A safer way to boil water

· Washing dishes

· Measuring out ingredients

Getting Organized

· Keeping track of appointments

· Finding shoes in a closet

· Organizing clothing

· Creating personal phone books

· Organizing refrigerators and freezers helps people who have lost vision

· Being organized in the kitchen

· Setting up files

· The PenFriend-  a way to label items

· Organizing mail

· Strategies to organize important papers


· Help with transportation

· Accessing newspaper stories

· Low vision support groups

· Loaner program for video magnifiers

· A program to help buy adaptive equipment

· The Massachusetts Equipment Distribution Program and low vision

· Microsoft accessibility help line

· Programs that lend durable medical equipment

Technology Tools

· Learning to use video magnifiers

· Using tablet computers

· Tips on using an iPad

· Compact video magnifiers

· The Jitterbug phone

· Voice controlled cable boxes

· Using computer keyboards

· Using iPhones to magnify text

· Adapting smartphones to make them easier to use