How we help your patients

 Safety Assessment - All participating patients of the Visions of Independence Program begin with an occupational therapist conducting a skills evaluation and safety assessment of their home.

 Rehabilitation Ė Visions of Independence Program covers all aspects of daily life, including adaptive cooking techniques, medication organization, aids for reading and writing, money management and much more. Patients have the opportunity to examine and try out a variety of specialized adaptive equipment during the visit.

 Resources - Providing information about programs that can help elders who are visually impaired are reviewed with the patient. Referrals can be made for other services that are appropriate for the patient.

Information for Doctors


The Visions of Independence Program provides one to one personalized vision rehabilitation in the patientís home by specially trained occupational therapists. This training is a Medicare covered service.

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 The occupation therapist conducts initial evaluation.

 The occupational therapist prepares a treatment/training plan for the patient that is sent to the doctor for approval.

 The treatment/training plan is then implemented


 Patient is eligible for varying amounts of service determined by Medicare regulations.

 Patientís ongoing progress will be monitored and documented.

 Progress reports are sent to referring doctor.


 Medicare covers 80% of fees.

 Most Medicare-HMOís pay for the training.

 Remaining 20% will be billed as a co-payment to secondary insurance provider.

 Medicare does not currently cover the cost for adaptive equipment


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Admission Criteria

 Medicare Coverage or HMO coverage

 Referral from primary care doctor, nurse practitioner, ophthalmologist or optometrist

 Cannot simultaneously receive Medicare-funded services through a home health agency

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