Key Program Points

Services are almost always paid for by Medicare and other insurances, including HMO's. We bill them directly

 Training is provided in the home.

 Services are provided in one on one sessions by specially trained occupational therapists

 We help patient in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island


An adaptive phone marked with high contrast bmp dots.

Ways we can help Low Vision Patients live Independently:

 Teach ways to manage your medications

 Organize your living areas so things are easier to find

 Teach safe ways to cook

 Teach new ways to help you manage your personal care

 Teach you new ways to make reading and writing easier

 Teach you techniques to help you manage money

 Do a safety assessment of your home environment

A patient using a high powered hand magnifier.

How it works:

 Your doctor will refer you to the Visions of Independence program if you are interested.

 We will call you to arrange a home visit at your convenience.

 During this visit, you will determine the things that are most important for you to learn.

 The therapist will work with you on your goals over a number of visits.

 Family members are welcome in all training sessions.