Helpful Hints

Cutting meat

Cutting meat is a skill that can be learned. We have a number of tips.

 First, if possible, place the piece of meat on a contrasting colored plate. Typically, the meat will be dark so try putting the meat on a light colored or white plate. This will make it easier to see.

 Next, place the edge of the knife along one side of the meat for locating purposes. This is your starting point.

 Lift the knife just over the edge of the meat, place the knife blade so that it is lying flat on top of the meat.

 Take a fork and insert it along the opposite side of the knife into the meat. Knife blades are usually about a half inch wide. You have now marked out a half inch strip of meat that can be cut using the fork as a guide.

 Cut that piece off and continue cutting the strip until the meat is in bit size pieces.


The technique takes a little practice but, after a few times, you will be cutting meat without any difficulty. People with vision loss can easily be taught to eat independently.