Helpful Hints

Brushing teeth

Though it is hard for sighted people to appreciate, brushing teeth can be a real challenge for people who have low vision.† There are a number of possible solutions.† One approach is to place a finger next to the toothbrush bristles.† The finger serves as a tactile guide to help locate the bristles.† Another method is to hold the toothbrush over a contrasting surface.† A dark towel below the toothbrush will help the toothbrush really stand out.† There is a final and foolproof method.† Ultimately, the toothpaste goes into the patient's mouth.† Why not make it really easy and simply squirt a little toothpaste directly into the mouth and then brush away?† After all isnít that where the toothpaste is ultimately going?† Granted that approach may seem a little distasteful for some patients but most of our patients love it.† They know that it works 100% of the time.†