Helpful Hints

Voice dialers that makes misdialing phone numbers a thing of the past

Many of our patients have a great deal of difficulty dialing a simple phone number.  This leaves both frustrated and upset. 

We are very pleased to share a new tool that we have discovered, the voice dialer.  Once programmed, this device works with a regular phone and allows the user to simply speak a name and the voice dialer calls the number.  The caller simply has to push the talk button on their regular phone and the voice dialer will ask who you want to call.

Perhaps even better, the voice dialer is available for free to people who have been declared legally blind.  Someone who is legally blind can apply for the phone from the Massachusetts Distribution Program.  They provide a simple application that has to be signed by the person's doctor and then sent in.  We would be pleased to help someone apply to get the voice dialer.

The voice dialer is also available for purchase to people who have low vision but is not legally blind.  The device costs $229 but for many people the cost is well worth the price.  We know of families who buy the voice dialer as a present for their low vision family member.  Again, we would be happy to help someone order the device from vendors.