Helpful Hints

Help patients learn to use their video magnifiers

Unfortunately, we run into situations where a patient has bought or been given a video magnifier and does know how to use it.  Sometimes the video magnifiers come without any lessons.  Other times the patient has bought the machine but, because of additional vision loss, they need additional lessons to make it useful.  Still other times, the patient stopped using it regularly and now needs lessons.  This really is regrettable because these machines are expensive and can be very helpful for spot reading.

The machine is designed to be fairly easy to use with very few controls.  However, if these controls are not used properly, the video magnifier is useless.  When we find a patient in this situation, we mark the controls in bright colors to make them easier to see. Sometimes, we make a large diagram showing the different controls.  Next, we make sure that the lighting is adequate and positioned correctly so as to illuminate the screen without giving off glare.  Finally, we make sure that the patient is using proper body positioning.  When the properly positioned, the patient has an easier time seeing the magnified image without creating back pain.

We have had a great deal of success helping patients once again use their video magnifiers.  In addition there is a great deal of satisfaction in helping people use a great tool they already own.