Helpful Hints

Taking eye drops

One of the most difficult things for a low vision patient to do is to take prescribed eye drops.  The eye drops end up all over the place.  The first thing we recommend is to have the person lie down while taking drops.  That way his/her head is in a relatively stationary position.  One technique to use the bridge of the nose as a landmark to position the eye drop bottle.  There are some inexpensive aids that also can make a real difference.  One is a pretty ingenious dispenser ($4.95).  The medicine bottle is inserted into this dispenser which holds the eye lids open and in position to squeeze a drop in the exact right location.  Another aid helps arthritic hands grip tiny bottles ($3.95).  The medicine bottle is placed into a plastic sleeve that holds the bottle.  This sleeve is easy to hold and squeeze.  Gently squeezing the plastic sleeve will release just the right number of drops.  The combination of good technique and adaptive equipment makes it much easier to take eye drops.