Helpful Hints

A device to makes using electric stoves safer

We recently learned of a new device that makes cooking safer for patients who have low vision, cognitive deficits or both, the CookStop.  The CookStop connects to electric stoves and monitors activity around the stove.  The sensor is set so that, if it does not detect activity in five minutes, it automatically shuts the stove off.   At this time, the CookStop only works with electric stoves.  The company is working on a device to control gas stoves but that may be years away.  This is a great device for anyone who cannot see or forgets that they left the burner on.  The CookStop is not inexpensive but could be a great gift from family members to help keep their loved one safe.

We are pleased to share information about any new devices or programs with you though we do not sell or endorse these products.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions pertaining equipment or programs to help your low vision patients.